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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Time in Hospital and Going Home.

During our stay in hospital we were given some lovely gifts to welcome Baby Jessica into this world. Jessica and I would just like to say thankyou for your gifts and for visiting us and making our stay in hospital more pleasurable (and bearable).

Flowers from (clockwise): Members of Rm 410, Chemistry building (aka Rendina and Lindoy groups); Rosemary (Dr Dez's mum) and Robin (Dan's mum); Get Smart Landscaping; and Daniel.

Teddy bear from Adam, Heidi, Indianna and Charlotte; and Fairy from Robin.

Well after spending 5 days in hospital we were finally allowed to go home. Here are the last photos taken of Jessica at the hospital. She was so much smaller than we expected that the original going-home-outfit that we took to the hospital with us did not fit her so she just had to wear a boring old nightie (in fact last time I checked the going-home-outfit still didn't fit her)!!

Left: Jessica striking a pose in the hospital supplied clothes. Right: Jessica dressed in the only clothes that she owned which actually fitted her.

Well there isn't much more to say about my hospital stay ... the food was good (surprise surprise) and most of the midwives were really good (a few nazis though). Although I had a few breastfeeding problems (damaged nipples due to Jessica's powerful sucking action) everything turnrd out ok in the end (I won't bore you any further with the details as I am sure you just want to see more photos of Baby Jessica - I know I do!!).