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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The First 3 Months ...

Well, as you are probably aware that I am really, really, really slack updating my blog so I have decided to just summarise the first 3 months of Baby Jessica's life by posting heaps and heaps of photos with not-so-clever captions. From the photos you will see that little Jessica has changed so much, and is still changing everyday. At first I thought she looked like me, and then about a month later she looked more like Daniel, and now we don't know who she looks like so feel free to comment. She is losing a bit of hair at the moment so please be kind!! Jessica is our pride and joy, she has brought so much love and happiness into our lives and we now can't imagine what life would be like without her - plus ... I (Dez) would have to go back to work!!

Baby Jessica at home with Grandma (Dez's Mum), asleep in her bassinette, and in the arms of her first non-family visitor DrG (whom also visited with Mikey - aka Steve Gillies).

And here she is relaxing with Dad on the lounge and in the arms of Mum (she looks a little worried - maybe she has a little pain in her tummy).

Here is Jessica playing on her "bouncy-bounce" and in her cot (again she looks worried).

Playtime for Jessica on her favourite playmat (a present from Nanny Robin, Aunty Heidi and Uncle Mataio - parents of Jasmine and Willow).

Here is Baby Jessica with her cousin Isabel (left photo) and Isabel's brother Benjamin (right photo).

And again with cousins Benji, Jasmine (in purple) and Willow (in green).

A glamour shot of Jessica in one of her favourite jumpsuits given to her by her NZ gal pals Hayley and Pip (yes we made her wear it for the photo).

Two of our favourite "cheeky monkey" shots - she thinks she is so clever sitting up!!

These photos were taken during our first family holiday to the Blue Mountains.

And finally, our beautiful girl in two of her party dresses. In the photo on the right she is dancing with family friend Heidi D.